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FD Calculator

This website provide best free online Fixed Deposit calculator. Check/Calculate your FD(Fixed Deposit) Interest Rates & Maturity Amount. this calculator helps you determine the amount that you will receive on maturity of the deposit along with interest.

Formula to determine FD maturity amount

Maturity Value(M) = P + (P x r x t/100), where –

  • P is the principal amount that you deposit
  • r is the rate of interest per annum
  • t is the tenure in years
  • How do we use the Fixed Deposit (FD) Calculator?

  • Enter: Total Investment (Rs.)
  • Enter: Rate of Interest (%)
  • Enter: Time Period Select(Years/Months/Day)
  • Now, The FD calculator would calculate the Total Investment, Total Interest, Maturity Value in automatically seconds.
  • Fixed Deposit Calculator - Calculate your FD interest rates and maturity amount online using our FD Calculator to easily plan your investment.

    Using this website is the quite easy only thing you have to do that just select your numbers using the mouse or if you are using a mobile phone then touch the numbers select your parameters like Total Investment (Rs.), Rate of Interest (%), Time Period, Select(Years/Months/Day).

    Advantages of using FD calculator

    Know the exact amount you will receive at the time of FD maturity using the FD amount calculator.

  • Get the exact FD amount you are eligible for at the end of your maturity period and plan your future as you want.
  • These calculators are free for unlimited uses.
  • Compare the maturity amount of different financial providers.
  • Fixed deposit, a type of term deposit, is quite a popular investment option in India due to its high interest rate (compared to a normal savings account) and low risk. The interest rate is fixed for the entire maturity period and is generally considered an extremely safe investment. Interest rates differ from bank to bank and accrued interest can be calculated cumulative, quarterly, monthly, and standard.